We provide a mobile workforce for commercial, industrial, and utility-scale solar projects.

Helping you lead

In a fast-growing industry, you need resources that are both flexible and robust in order to meet your goals. Ridgeline provides experienced, hard working solar professionals you can count on, when and where you need them. With solid production teams just a call away, your way ahead is clear.

Safety is sustainability

Productivity, profitability, and a project’s success all rely on jobsite continuity. Making sure every worker goes home at the end of each day, and makes it back the next, is critical to making your projects a success. Our workers painstakingly uphold our own safety standards, as well as our clients’.

Only the best

We employ highly-skilled, highly-vetted solar professionals to ensure safe and predictable output. Mobile crews are autonomous and self-sufficient, deploying in caravans to any site in the country. Labor supervisors who work well with your project team are an integral part of each crew we provide.

Culture of results

Getting the job done right and on time is central to our values and identity. Ridgeline professionals come with a strong work ethic and can-do, will-do attitude. Our clients can expect us to clearly communicate and uphold expectations, and accomplish ambitious goals.

Get your workforce for your next solar project.