Our Services

Ridgeline provides high-capacity labor crews

Agile, fast-moving, and competent, Ridgeline Renewables delivers skilled labor directly to your solar project. With our industry-leading vetting process and vast roster of talent, we confidently place experts in a wide spectrum of roles, according to your specific needs. 

We are proud to serve as your comprehensive workforce management solution, and look forward to making your solar project a success.

Our Expertise

Pile Driving Support

As the foundation for your solar array, proper installation of piles is critical to the longevity of your plant. Our operators and support crew come with experience, training, and a focus on doing the job right. Plumbness, alignment, top elevation, and of course, productivity are the metrics that drive our success.

Mechanical Installation

We’ve installed over 500MW–and counting–worth of solar mechanical structures. Our crew and supervisors are well versed in ATI, Nextracker, Solarflex, RBI, Soltec, and numerous other systems. Our crew are mobile, adaptable, and onboard to new projects quickly. Engagements range from 2MW into the hundreds.

Module Installation

Nobody takes slinging glass as seriously as the crews at Ridgeline Renewables. Pace is a point of pride, but always takes second place to precision. Getting the install right the first time protects production rates and keeps quality control on the up-and-up.

Working with Ridgeline

Each mobile crew is made up of as many skilled workers as the job calls for. Larger crews come with dedicated supervisors. Deployment is quick and work is efficient. Our model streamlines labor management, placing the focus on output. 

Workers are experienced and well-trained, so you can count on a high quality of work.

Roles we fill
  • Electrical labor Support
  • Site Coordinator / Admin
  • Electricians
  • Equipment Operator
  • Racking Installers
  • Onsite Safety Coordinators
  • Laborers/Assemblers
  • Office Managers
  • QC/QA Personnel
  • Project Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Estimators
Skilled labor, delivered to your door

Our mobile crews deploy all across the United States. Ridgeline professionals know their trade, travel well, and keep a schedule, so there’s no problem getting projects built well in the far reaches of the country.

Where there’s sunshine, there’s Ridgeline.