Renewable Energy Investments: Understanding Its Exponential Growth for 2022 and Beyond

Renewable Energy Investments

Renewable energy investments present a compelling opportunity for investors.  The renewable energy industry has rebounded following the decline in recent pandemic concerns and the industry continues to grow.

Investing in solar energy provides exposure to this booming industry. Although there are many available opportunities, the question remains is solar energy worth the investment?

In this guide, we’ll explore why you should capitalize on solar energy investment opportunities.

Renewable Energy Investments Do Good for the World

Global carbon dioxide emissions have been shown to threaten the planet. Solar energy investment opportunities let you invest in a viable energy alternative. 

Renewable energy presents a sustainable energy pathway. It uses resources that do not adversely impact the environment.

Socially responsible investors often make renewable energy investments. These environmentally friendly companies have obtained market share from companies relying on fossil fuels. 

As renewable energies gain momentum, coal-fired power plants lose momentum. A sharp drop in approval for these plants suggests trouble for the coal industry in the future.

The Government and Corporations Favor Renewable Energy Investments

Is solar energy worth investing in? The government and major corporations think so.

Many governments and companies have committed to zero net emissions by 2050. Some states will ban emissions-vehicle sales in 2035.

Oil and gas companies find themselves adapting to the upcoming changes. They have invested in clean electricity and sustainable fuels. They have also made commitments to reduce emissions.

Government regulations will further push oil and gas companies to adapt or suffer business losses.

Removing carbon emissions will obviously help the planet. However, we still need energy sources for our daily lives. Renewable energies present the answer. 

Renewable energy investments let investors capitalize on this inevitable trend. The government and major corporations are riding this trend. Investors should too.  

Is Solar Energy a Good Investment?

So far, we have discussed how renewable energy can help with improving the world’s environment through reduced carbon emissions. However, investors also care about dollar signs and financial growth. In that regard, does solar and wind energy deliver?

Renewable energy companies are investing in ongoing infrastructure developments as well as new projects. They are expanding their footprints to serve more people. Technology advancements allow these companies to produce more energy with fewer dollars. Energy from wind and solar photovoltaic quadrupled without increasing costs. Renewable energy companies have outperformed fossil fuel companies in the public equity markets. Their outperformance suggests a change in consumer behavior. We’ve seen this consumer behavior change through the meteoric rise in electric vehicle stocks. Investors continue pouring money into Tesla and other EV stocks. More consumers are recognizing the long-term dangers of carbon emissions, which is why you are seeing higher revenue and earnings growth in renewable energy companies.

Renewable energy requires less maintenance and is more affordable than other energy sources. Most expenditures come at the start of building new infrastructure.  Their costs fluctuate less than those of fossil fuel companies. Renewable energy sources come naturally, while fossil fuel companies rely depletable energy resources.

Capitalize on Renewable Energy Investments

Renewable energy investments present a way forward from carbon emissions. Investors can profit from this growing industry while environmentally serving the public. If you want to develop and invest in renewable energy projects, we can help. We have workers across the United States who assist with renewable energy projects and installations.

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