Safety Record: What to Look for in a Solar Labor Firm

Solar Labor Safety Records

There are many factors to consider when you’re choosing a solar energy staffing firm for your commercial or industrial project. While focused on budget considerations, the potential return on investment, and project parameters, don’t forget to pay close attention to safety, particularly when you’re searching for a solar energy staffing firm to partner with. The fact is, alternative energy workers face many of the same risks as workers in other energy sectors. Risks include electric current, falls from heights, and injuries associated with heavy machinery. When looking for a solar energy firm for your project, it’s important to carefully evaluate their safety records so that you can reduce your liabilities and maintain a safe work environment.

Safety Priority: Risk Reduction

To maintain safety on solar work sites, staffing firms need to prioritize safety training and assessment. Without training and oversight, risk reduction becomes little more than a tab on a website. It’s vital for solar firms to provide all employees with proper safety training to safeguard their own teams, their clients’ teams, and the client’s property, and equipment. Carelessness or incompetence is a liability. That’s why companies who are looking for a solar labor firm should examine their safety records. This provides information on their safety practices as well as their safety history. When meeting with potential firms to partner with on your next solar energy project, you need to find out:

  • If the company is or has been involved in legal suits or government agency investigations involving a work site accident
  • The company’s record of site accidents
  • Its record of training
  • The types of safety training the company employs
  • Its policies and procedures regarding safety
  • How the company conducts safety training and safety oversight

Don’t take for granted that any firm you select has a safe record. Take time to investigate its performance on past projects. Obtain records so that you can verify that it has successfully completed solar installations safely and without incident. 

Evaluate Project Risks

When you decide on a firm to work with, be sure to set aside time to discuss safety protocols for your project. While many solar projects are similar, yours may involve increased safety risks of one type or another. Evaluate all the risks carefully. Both your company and the solar firm should address each risk by forming a risk reduction strategy. Ridgeline Renewables takes painstaking care to maintain safety throughout every stage of the project. Safeguarding against potential risks is in everyone’s best interests. When you work with a solar energy firm, you should feel confident in its commitment to safety and project security. 

Work Site Safety

Ridgeline Renewables addresses safety concerns for every project we’re involved with. It’s not enough for management to be aware of potential risks. We take care to ensure that all our workers are apprised of those risks and have been through appropriate training to address and reduce those risks. Ridgeline is committed to helping its employees to perform each aspect of their job safely. We’ve hired great employees and we care about their well-being. That’s why we continually invest in both training and high-quality equipment to maintain the safe work sites we’re known for.

If you’re planning on a solar energy project or expansion and are interested in partnering with a safety-first solar energy firm, contact Ridgeline Renewables to learn more about our outstanding workmanship, successful project completions, and our commitment to safety.